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    Thank you, Abhishekr.

    This is super helpful. I already have some memory palaces set up for other purposes, including memorizing up to 3 decks of cards. I’ve even written three books on various memory techniques and applications. I won’t list them, since I’ve read the forum rules. 😉

    I like your suggestion of using shape numbers. I currently have a system of Person-Action-Object along with a combination of easy number associations, and Dominic Numbers.

    This is great for recalling long lists of numbers, but terrible for calculation. I’m storing up to 6 digits in one image, and it isn’t working for mental math.

    I’m going to try and set up a palace with at least three stacks of locations on top of them. Along with your shape numbering suggestion, I ‘m hoping this lets me truly visualize:


    Or whatever.

    Love your book, by the way. I’m going to rate it highly on Amazon as soon as I finish it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)