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Earn Up to 75% Commission Promoting Ofpad Products
Ofpad offers a variety of products to promote and is constantly adding new products to this page. The products cover a broad range of topics in the personal development and self-improvement niche.

To promote & earn commissions on a product:
1) Register as an affiliate in
2) Pick a product to promote from this page and copy its hop link.
3) Replace "YOURCLICKBANKID" in the hop link with your Clickbank Nickname/ID.
4) Promote the product with the link created in Step 3. Every time someone clicks your hop links and makes a purchase, you will receive the % commission mentioned on this page.
5) There are multiple hop links for each individual product, each redirecting visitors to a different sales page for the same product. Use the hop link relevant to your promotion channel. Use the Contact Form if you have any questions.

Mental Math: Tricks To Be A Human Calculator

Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator

Commission: 60%

Earnings Per Sale: $24.57

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