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    I’ll be honest, I’m tired of the accountant’s life. I want to be a drummer for a band someday. I usually wake up at 7, get dressed and clean up, then have breakfast. Instead of prepping for work from 9-5, I would much rather spend that on rehearsal. 5PM would then be like the wind-down time where I’d have an early dinner before going to wherever my band will play that night. After the gig I go back home and wind down before I sleep.

    Honestly, though. I don’t really know how a musician’s life goes. I guess I’ll find out if or when I make it.

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    As long as you keep working on the habit challenge, you’ll make more progress in a year than most people will in a lifetime. Keep at it!  🙂

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    JPowers22, if you are interested in some perspective on this, I would be willing to give some.  I played full time in a band for a short time, and it was not at all what you might anticipate.  All the best.

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