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    Before anything, Happy New Year to everyone! 😀

    Let us know how your ideal day looks like – My Ideal day involves working as an artist and earning enough to live a good life without being made to overwork. I’ll spend the bulk of my weekdays drawing for whatever company I work for. When that shift is done, I’ll be able to do my other hobby… video games! It’ll be prime time to spend with my sister coz she’s quite the gamer too. During the weekends, I’ll be doing some practices to keep my drawing skills sharp, and after that go out and have fun with friends.

    Why you chose the habit that you chose – Coz obviously I have to practice if I’m going to be hired as an artist

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    Your ideal day seems very straightforward! :O Make sure you’ve taken into account the six human needs based on the workbook for Keystone Habits.

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