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    Matias Espinoza
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    I’am a highschool student seller of candy, trying to make enough money to keep investing when gets out.

    By know  I’am trying to build an habit of setting my self to learn 30 mins a day about anything useful for my future in udemy, and also a exercise rutine. I really would like to achieve this goal, but i get really tired after school and not much motivated and my power of will its not the best although i hope this and you could help me.

    excuse my bad english and my excesive “ands”

    Thanks 4 reading

    Abhishek R
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    Hi Matias,

    If you have learning goals, you need to create clear learning plans. Otherwise you will not be consistent with your schedule.

    If you find yourself lacking energy in the evening, I recommend you prioritize your habits in the morning.

    Looking forward to seeing you create your habit challenge.

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    Hi Matias, hope you lean a lot of new and interesting stuff.

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    “Inspiration is for amateurs,”

    -Chuck Close

    Habit and behavior will get you a lot farther than momentary inspiration.  Find a way to build your workouts and learning into your schedule and stick to it.  If it becomes hard, find the cause and solve it.  For instance, if you don’t have the energy to work out because you are tired, why are you tired?  If it was because you were out partying with friends, maybe you set a bedtime, limit party hours per week, and give up drinking.  A person can do almost anything, but not everything, they put their mind to.


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