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    Good day everyone. My name is Rain and I’m embarking on a path of mental math mastery. While growing up as a child math has always been elusive in terms of my comprehension around how math works. As an adult I’ve noticed there has been such a reliance on calculators and technology and I decide that hey if I knew how to punch numbers in I should be good to go with the rest of my life. Further into my career I began to notice that I was really offloading a lot of my mental faculties to technology. I wanted to reclaim my power. With this growth mindset I decided to learn the loci method of memory mastery which inspired new interest with learning how to really play with numbers and become more proficient. Now I feel more confident that I can learn a system that is more enjoyable for calculating numbers. I’m really happy to experience this new uplifting world of numbers combined with my method of loci techniques. I feel more immersed with the world.  My goals are to be more self driven and determined and not rely on technology for every aspect of life as we get into the future age, especially with AI.


    Curious question, how does this method work in comparison with Vedic?

    Abhishek R
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    Hi Rain. So happy to see you embark on this journey.

    Some of the methods are similar to Vedic math but the vedic math methodology has some additional methods that help you do speed math on paper.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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