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    I am pretty impressed since I am applying your techniques.
    I see that my concentration and memorizing skills have significantly raised since I train in a daily manner.
    I have done mostly the LR technique but I think it is time now to move on to the more advanced techniques (The Bridge Method, Vitruian Man Method and the UT – Method).

    Can you give some general recommendation.
    Which of those techniques is the most powerful one?
    Since you have a lot of students, can you tell which of those advanced techniques is the most popular one?

    Thanks for your patience and for this wonderful course.

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    Hi Dennis,

    The Bridge & Vitruvian Man methods are the identical in the steps. Only the visualization is different. You will see that with these two methods you will calculate faster than the LR method for 2 and 3 digit multipliers like 123 x 23 or 123 x 567 (23 being a 2 digit multiplier and 123 being a 3 digit multiplier).

    Once you master them you can go on to UT method. UT Method shines for 5+ digit multiplicands. Like 542351 x 23.

    The logical progression is to start with the LR method and proceed with the Bridge/Vitruvian Man Method and then finish off with UT method.

    Let me know if this answer helped. Please do leave a review if you enjoyed the course as it really helps reach more students. You can post what you posted here. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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