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    I’m just starting out today with mental math. And it’s all by accident.

    I started a journey sometime back in memorization. And I’m a writer. after some moderate success with a how-to memory book, I started a new series on mind magic.

    First is how to memorize a deck of 52  cards. The second is nearly finished on the Doomsday algorithm (how to mentally calculate the day of the week for any date.)

    I needed one more mind trick for the last book. Still do, in fact. While searching I came across a post on a memory forum about mental mathematic methods.

    And there goes my week. 🙂

    I’ve picked up the Mental Math book by Abhishek VR. His and others, though this is the one I’m going through. I’m as far as DS and DD verification.

    It’s doubtful I’ll use any of it for the next book. But this is what I do. I acquire skills. Looking forward to adding more.

    Abhishek R
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    Hi Scott,

    I hope you enjoy the book. If you have feedback for me please don’t hesitate to send it across. Always looking for ways to improve.

    Nooruddin Shaikh
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    Mohammad Kolia
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    Great update.

    I am also on a journey to improving my memory. I have been through a few courses and I am currently trying to amalgamate what I believe are the most useful aspects of each one. I run a tutoring school too and will be helping students improve their study techniques and memorisation in a more enjoyable way.

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