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Mental Math: Tricks To Be A Human Calculator
The Only System To Do Speed Mental Math In Your Head Faster Than A Calculator Making Fast Mental Math Your New Super Power.
Module 1Welcome
Welcome to Ofpad Mental Math System
Unit 1What Is The Ofpad Mental Math System?
Module 2DS Method Of Checking
Quickly check the answer of any math problem.
Unit 1DS Method of Checking Calculation
Unit 2The Digit Sum Parlour Trick
Module 3Introduction To Mental Math
Introduction to course structure by learning how to multiply by 11.
Unit 1Introduction to Mental Math
Unit 2Quiz - Introduction to Mental Math
Module 4LR Addition & Subtraction
Variations of LR method applied to addition and subtraction.
Unit 1The Secret Of Mental Math
Unit 2LR Method for Addition & Subtraction
Unit 3To Round Up or Not Round Up
Unit 4Quiz - Addition
Unit 5Quiz - Subtraction
Unit 6Getting Free Drinks Guessing Barcodes
Module 5LR Multiplication
Variations of LR method applied to multiplication.
Unit 1LR Multiplication Method
Unit 2Quiz - LR Multiplication (One Digit Multiplier)
Unit 3Quiz - LR Multiplication (Two Digit Multiplier)
Module 6Squaring
You will learn how to square numbers quickly
Unit 1Squaring
Unit 2Quiz - Squaring
Module 7Advanced Multiplication
Advanced Multiplication Method When LR Method is Difficult.
Unit 1The Bridge Method of Multiplication
Unit 2Vitruvian Man Method for Multiplication
Unit 3Quiz - Advanced Mental Multiplication
Module 8UT Method
Another technique to multiply really large and complex numbers quickly and efficiently.
Unit 1UT Multiplication
Unit 2Quiz - UT Multiplication
Unit 3Using The Different Multiplication Techniques
Module 9FP Division
Divide numbers quickly in your head. This will take practice to truly master.
Unit 1FP Division
Unit 2Quiz - FP Division
Module 10Bonus Training
Bonus weekly practice to take your mental math skills to the next level. Unlocks every week.
Unit 1Bonus


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