Knowledge Is Power But Knowledge Without Action Is Useless

Knowledge is Power Knowledge Without Action Is Useless

Most people believe knowledge is power and that success depends on how much a person knows. Knowledge is power but knowledge without action can be useless. Professors and academics of the world, in spite of possessing a great deal of education and knowledge, are not the millionaires of today’s world. You also see people like Steve Jobs who in spite of dropping out of college make it really big in life. Henry Ford, inventor of the automobile and the founder of the Ford Motor Company had only but a few years of schooling. How did these men become successful and do better than other educated men of their time?

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How to Make a Major Definite Purpose to Achieve Your Goals

Major Definite Purpose Definite Chief Aim Bruce Lee

To achieve your major goal, the first step is to write down your major definite purpose also known as definite chief aim. This will require no major skill or knowledge form your part and if you were to do what is mentioned in this post, you will see most things you set out to do materialize. This is the central idea in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. It is easy for your major definite purpose to become nothing more than wishful thinking. To avoid this, the idea of Major Definite Purpose has been adapted in this post to ensure that you have a process that will help you see concrete results.

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Ofpad – School of Genius

Ofpad - School of Genius

Welcome to Ofpad – The School of Genius. My name is Abhishek.

There are millions of books to read, thousands of podcasts to listen to and hundreds of seminars and workshops available for you to attend. They have the power to change your life. But even with a burning passion to learn and absorb everything, you will lack the time, energy and resources to dedicate to constant learning and self-improvement. This has been my own personal struggle, and with Ofpad I hope to provide a smart solution to this problem.

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